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Out of the Blue

On the edge of the Pacific, Beyond Yoga founder Jodi Guber Brufsky and her family create the perfect place to be positively relaxed.

No small windows—only huge, open panes of glass to take in the view; underlit stairs to illuminate the yard, just steps from the beach; an unobstructed sight line to the cool, blue Pacific from her bed. These were just a few of the things on Jodi Guber Brufsky’s very specific checklist for her Malibu Colony beach house. The creator of activewear line Beyond Yoga grew up in L.A. in a family that bought and renovated houses frequently (her father is veteran Hollywood producer Peter Guber)—so passion for details and confidence in her design aesthetic comes naturally.

“The house I grew up in was always under construction,” she says. “My parents bought and built homes of all different styles: a Japanese house in Malibu, a ranch in Colorado, a plantation in Hawaii. So when I married my husband, Seth—who was set on living in Malibu—and we bought this property, it was a major luxury to have the opportunity to build a house of our own,” says Brufsky, who collaborated with interior designer Lynda Murray on the project. For Brufsky, whose philosophy in business and life is to be present, balanced and grounded, her path to gratitude was not at all straightforward. Disengaging from a busier life in “the city” 40 minutes away was something of an adjustment.

“It took me a minute,” she says. “I, like most people, suffer from serious FOMO— fear of missing out…Then I realized it was a gift,” she says. “I could disconnect from that fast-paced world and then only go back to it for things that were really important.”

Removing herself from the hustle of that lifestyle has also led to a creative boost with Beyond Yoga. In addition to growing the decade-old brand through new fabric introductions and complementary collaborations with the likes of Kate Spade, Brufsky is committed to spreading body-positive messaging through all that Beyond Yoga does, as well as through serving on the board of I Am That Girl, a nonprofit promoting self-esteem.

Brufsky, her husband and her teenage stepdaughters have settled nicely into their sleek, modern house, enjoying family time together and entertaining a steady stream of friends. A self-described “water baby,” Brufsky feels nurtured by the ocean and is in the water as much as possible.

The couple’s impressive modern art collection reflects the complex feelings they have about wealth, identity and spirituality. A Banksy Buddha statue—featuring the symbol of peace and tranquility in a neck brace with a black eye—rests next to the fireplace. A skull carved into sheets of dollar bills, by artist Scott Campbell, hangs on the wall. In the powder room, a collection of irreverent cardboard signs by artist Alejandro Diaz is on display. One says, “No shoes, no shirt, you’re probably rich,” and another, “Some of my best friends are flakes.” “It was a journey to get here. I had my struggles,” says Brufsky, who paraphrases Brené Brown when she describes her newfound contentment. “Belonging is about being yourself and knowing that you are where you’re supposed to be.” •

Interior photography by  Teri Lyn Fisher.
Portrait photography by  Diana Koenigsberg.
Written by Christine Lennon.

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