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Garden Party

Get your Post-its ready for “Gardens Are for Living: Design Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces” ($50, Rizzoli).

With imagery ranging from midcentury Slim Aarons to her painted illustrations and client projects, so-very-Californian Elysian Landscapes designer Judy Kameon shows that “being outside is often the better choice.” “The book began with how I found historic inspiration and translated it to my own garden,” she explains. What’s more, the most useful features need not be permanent at all. Sling the mattress from one of her Plain Air daybeds onto the ground for movie night, or cart art supplies to the patio for the afternoon. Dynamic features such as tire swings and raised garden beds can be removed when outgrown. “If you provide something families will interact with, it becomes part of the day-to-day experience.” While Kameon recommends kids have one of their own, a playhouse can prove irresistible to all. “The first party a client had, [their teepee] was filled with grown-ups!” 213-380-3185;

Written by Alison Clare Steingold.

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