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C At Home

Natural Selection

Four California-based designers share their al fresco projects and sentiments on outdoor living.


Trip Haenisch

“California living is all about bringing the outside in and the inside out. I love to heat the pool and swim at night. Having an outdoor screen allows me to watch “Monday Night Football,” TV or a movie. It is the perfect way to relax. During my last party, we [screened] The Rocky Horror Picture Show, one of my all-time favorites.”

Windsor Smith

“I fell into California nearly 30 years ago for a pass-through visit that literally never ended. We are so fortunate to have perfect days most of the year, and for that reason our outdoor living spaces are every bit as essential as our indoor rooms. This incredible Sullivan Canyon estancia is a sublime example of that. The covered loggia is on an axis with the barn. Perfection occurs when architecture and design supports lifestyle so seamlessly.”

Jeffrey Alan Marks

“First and foremost, I design for comfort. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the furniture and antiques are always spacious and inviting; the space must be welcoming for both [its] owner and guests. Outdoor living is the California lifestyle, and I take advantage of the fact that living outdoors is something we are able to do year-round. You want that living space to be a natural extension of, and to coexist with, your indoor space.”

Ken Fulk

“I live in what I like to refer to as the Tree House—a glorious redwood structure designed in 1959 by Warren Callister in San Francisco. It is surrounded by painterly Japanese-inspired gardens with huge doors opening to my own private forest. The line between indoor and outdoor is so blurred that it is difficult to determine where the gardens begin and the house ends. We frequently entertain on the terrace, which offers expansive views from bridge to bridge. The city looks like Oz twinkling down below. All this, and a coyote who lives across the street. Where else but in California?”

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